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Sunshine procurement is not a dream

With the continuous development of market economy, increasing competition among enterprises, price became the focus of competition. Costs constitute the main factor of price is the first source of corporate competitiveness. Join the WTO in particular, face the digital economy and meet the dual challenge of the Chinese enterprises to reduce costs is an urgent need for business development.
Procurement is an important part of business processes, procurement prices and procurement costs will directly affect the cost of enterprise products. Internet network technology based on electronic procurement, with its low cost, variety of choices for end-service, transparent process so short a significant advantage, to the traditional procurement has brought new opportunities and challenges.
Complete the procurement including the establishment from the plan until the goods storage and make the whole process of account management. This complete electronic management of business processes in order to fully reflect the electronic management of value-added role. Electronic procurement (e-Procurement) solution is based on this trend and the integrity of the procurement business processes to grasp, for business as soon as possible fast track into the network economy tailored e-commerce solutions.
Scope: manufacturing, government departments, retailers are
Applicable business types and sectors: manufacturers, trading companies, buyers, purchasing department

1 business needs analysis
1.1 Business Characteristics
The establishment of corporate procurement plans, please purchase application, the supplier selection and evaluation, procurement, personnel appraisal, development and signing of the contract, the implementation of procurement contracts, in-transit goods and materials Management, Account Management, etc., constitute the entire modern enterprise procurement process. The process itself is smooth with the scientific work, and other business processes and business such as inventory, production, finance, real-time with the digital management, constitute the basic requirements of modern procurement operations, including:
Scientific development of procurement plans, evidence-based;
Supplier selection system, the standard is reasonable;
Convenient and efficient procurement process, scientific checks and balances;
Procurement of goods cheap, timely and correct;
Contract Management orderly, clear rights and responsibilities;
Information flow in the way of resources, control and effective;
Account Management right clear, simple and efficient.

1.2 User Needs Analysis
In view of the operational characteristics and requirements of the procurement, users expect business operations in procurement, to:
鈭?shop around, quickly find more suppliers, objective assessment of the supplier, choose the best source of goods, as far as possible from end to end procurement, to reduce procurement costs and the purchase price.
鈭?keep abreast of market conditions and inventory, the scientific development of procurement plans, reducing the risk out of stock, while reducing inventory costs and to minimize the amount of funds used.
鈭?abreast of the various procurement channels of procurement information and arrival information, timely approval and implementation of procurement decisions, avoid blind purchase, advance purchase, repeat purchase, non-demand procurement.
鈭?procurement transparency, to prevent "black-box operation" procurement, scientific assessment of the procurement staff.
鈭?goods in transit management, account management and inventory management and procurement areas to smooth links with, increase accuracy, improve the processing efficiency.

China Business Network electronic procurement (e-Procurement) solution fully into account the actual needs of the enterprise, Internet-based online ordering and telephone support, electronic document form of order processing, etc., to fully reduce the corporate procurement costs, shorten purchasing processes and cycles, streamline procurement processes and improve order / contract processing and management such as the timeliness and accuracy for the purpose of achieving the advanced network technology with China's actual situation and the perfect combination of traditional business logic.

2, functions and features of the solution
The solution functions as shown.

2.1 Enterprise User Management
Definition of user roles: Enterprise based on business needs, you can define a number of different buyers, with different business and scope of the procurement; can define different approval, through the approval of buyer's order / request control of the procurement contract; can be defined more level approval of people, multi-level approval. Can define the quality inspector, inspection of procurement of goods and submit the results; can define Kuguan member ledger for goods storage and registration; can define the opposition members; on the quality of goods purchased for discount or return address, and submit processing results.
Web-based special advantage of the end users of the goods can be most directly based on their needs, direct as buyer, and supplier of design, manufacturing, sales for online discussions and exchanges, to achieve end to end procurement, to maximize simplify and shorten the intermediate links, to avoid errors.
Definition of user rights: Enterprises may need to define the different roles of authority, the provisions of their business scope, amount and so on.

2.2 List of Management
Contents included: the search for information in accordance with the classification of your goods, you can authorize a particular supplier of goods on their own release or upload information.
Catalog Maintenance: The maintenance of existing directory, including add, delete and modify.
Catalog Search: by browsing, advanced search, etc., accessing your cargo information.

2.3 Procurement Program Management
Programme Entry: procurement plan will be entered for future reference.
Plans to adjust: the actual market conditions and production requirements, to plan adjustments.
Execution Trace: According to the procurement plan for tracking the status of implementation.

2.4 On-line Purchasing
Order purchase: The purchase agreement has a fixed price product orders directly to the manner of procurement orders, and binding on both the performance behavior.
Inquiry Procurement: The products that qualified inquiry and suppliers directly and negotiate a way through the online purchasing intention to finalize the completion of contract negotiations and signing.

2.5 Bidding Procurement
Bid Information Release: For complex goods, or the market changes, more suppliers, a price cut could take the initiative to publish the tender of the goods information, competitive bidding procurement.
Online Bidding: Online accepted prequalified suppliers offer.
Online Bidding: Bidding in accordance with the rules agreed in advance online evaluation.
Online contract: signed with the successful side-line.
2.6 On-line approval
Online approval: approval of the buyer who submitted the order / contract for online approval. Based on actual business needs, can be multi-level approval.
Programme Enquiries: Enquiries procurement plans, decision-making reference for approval.
Stock: approval can check inventory to determine whether the buyer agreed to purchase application.

2.7 Order / Contract Management
Order / contract template customization: for different suppliers, select or customize the various templates.
Order / contract inquiries: buyers, examiners can check order history, current status of orders.
Order / contract tracking: buyers can order the implementation of the state, at any time to remind the relevant staff for approval, payment, receiving, inspection, inventory changes, realized in the way management.

2.8 Inventory Management
Daily inventory management: real-time data on inventory management and maintenance, input / modify / delete.
Stock: In accordance with permissions check inventory.
Stock Statistics: statistics of aggregate inventory information.

2.9 Statistical analysis of procurement
Can automatically generate, access privileges, custom send: purchasing daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly / annual reports; price trend analysis; species analysis; procurement aspect ratio.

2.10 Customer Management
Customer Information Management: Building Customer (suppliers, third-party service providers, etc.) information, and real-time information to add, delete, change and other operations.
Customer Relationship Management: including notification systems, complaint handling, investigation services.
Credit Assessment: the client's transactions, performing acts or services, conduct assessments, records, statistics, according to statistics of the customers were treated, including appreciation / warning, increase / decrease in purchases, cancel cooperation / service qualifications.

2.11 and internal information systems and the integration of third-party service interface
The solution provides the relevant interfaces, and internal information systems can be integrated. If the business does not establish an internal information system, the program also can be part of the function of the extension.
The program also provides third-party service interface to realize online payment, goods delivery and other third-party services.

3. Application of safety measures
To protect customers and operators of commercial interests, the solution given full consideration to the application of network security, data integrity process implementation, reliability, access control, data encryption, trusted authentication, non-repudiation. For data reliability and the legitimacy of the data source, correct the most effective means of information to encrypt data transmission. In this solution, for different users, providing different security mechanisms. The Internet for ordinary users, you can directly use SSL encryption to ensure Anquan, for this program in the advanced user, using DES and RSA combination, where the key information (such as passwords, Shuzi signatures, etc.) using RSA algorithm for encryption , the transaction data used for ordinary DES encryption algorithm. The integrity of the data achieved through the HASH function, non-repudiation of data sources and user identification by the RSA-based digital signature to be guaranteed.
Chinese business networks based PKI (public key infrastructure) security platform, using data encryption, digital signature, corporate CA certificates, and establishing a reliable network of trusted trading environment, allowing users to confirm the identity of each other, exchange product quotes, purchase orders, Delivery information and other transaction information, security in online transactions.

The solution required hardware and software environment
Hardware Platform: RS6000, Netfinity
Operating Systems: AIX V4.3.2, NT4.0 / 2000
Database platforms: DB2, MS SQL6.5/7.0
Application Platform: IBM WCS MPE, MS Siteserver Commerce Edition3.0
Security systems: IBM Fire Wall, ISS products
Network environment: the need for a dedicated connection Internet, or ISP, hosting server


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Firewoks create a broken texture

Deliberately broken objects and text on the effect of creating is a popular expression.

Let us deal with web images Firewoks, up in the simple example application to see.

Open a new file, first to draw a button.

Ctrl + Shift + D in situ clone a.

Zhang patterns online to find the material disorder picture, here we use the Zhang Marble.

Fireworks are being edited into the file.

Effect in the properties panel, press the Add button,
To two effects settings.
Brightness 50, Contrast 100;
Hue 36, Saturation 72, brightness 81, check the color of.

Multiply layer blend mode to color value.

We cloned the button will be referred to the top, and select just deal with good texture material,
On the menu select Modify -> Mask -> Group as Mask mask combination.

Now look at the results.
This is also the PNG source file, interested friends can download directly to Firewoks opening of reference.


Properties panel on real-time effects on the two values change, you can control the damage effect performance.
Example, the following chart, we simply change the brightness to 25, the extent of the change also will accordingly.

Text can also do a similar deal with incomplete effects.
Open a new file, type, size bigger selection, made more obvious after effects.
Because the text with a white fill, so we set the background color of yellow do distinguish.

Keep up with a plan, we import the pictures to do the same stone texture.
And the effect of the property panel, press the Add button,
Two effects were set in front of the value of slightly different times, we just want to try a different color effect.
7 brightness, contrast 77;
Hue 30, Saturation 66, brightness -43, check the color of.

The text to be brought, Select both objects.

Modify -> Mask -> Group as Mask mask combination.

The mask layer into Difference between mixed-mode model, the effect came out.

At this point the document background color changed to white, the effect is even more apparent.

After all, the limited size of the text, if results do not ask, then, Firewoks own texture fill can be competent, but is more convenient.

However use of mask, real-time effects and mixed-mode layer effects to achieve broken for video editing more flexible and natural beauty.
The following is a PNG source file that contains the results of two methods (hidden layer texture fill Act), interested friends can download directly to Firewoks opening of reference.

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"Six Degrees Theory" mold SNS

When Web2.0 in China, when the Internet became a fashion, SNS users in China is gradually raised and well-known, from the SNS website know like-minded friends, the online space through SNS build virtual cabin, even in the SNS line to get to know boyfriend lover achievement remote marriage ... ... but what is the SNS? To which sites can call SNS site? Internet in the field of SNS are the differences? Many people say that is not clear.

Conceptually, SNS and many Web2.0 applications like - because understanding of different construction sites are also different. SNS originated in the American social psychologist Milgram (Stanley Milgram) 60 years in the 20th century the first theory put forward by six degrees, he said: "You and the interval between any stranger who will not be more than six In other words, up to six individuals by any of you will be able to know a stranger. "

Therefore, a mainstream understanding of SNS is Social Network Sofwaret, that is social networking software, according to six degrees of theories to understand the basis of friends of friends, expand your contacts in a network software. Based on this theory of the SNS website in March 2003 happened in the U.S., after a very short period of time will be popular in North America, by many Internet companies and investors within the next two years as the fastest growing business in 2005 to get the United States TheFaceBook a 13 million yuan venture capital dollars.

Careful analysis of social network software SNS, can it is more dominant social software, social friends, more concerned about the direct relationship established with the community nature of human resource sharing between friends, there is a direct application of goal-directed in the establishment of social relations to complete the course or solve specific application problems, more focused business.

It is believed that SNS can be achieved through the use of personal data processing, personal social relationship management, reliable business information sharing, you can safely trust the people to share their information and knowledge, use trust relationships to expand their social network, reaching more valuable communication and collaboration. In the end, people's social capital to complete the accumulation of such a system to serve the future if the various social activities, will bring tremendous business and social value.

Also make an assumption on the context of Web 2.0, each user has its own Blog, maintained their own Wiki, social bookmarking or Podcast users Tag, RSS, or IM, email, etc. to connect to together, "according to six degrees of separation, each individual's social circle have been enlarged, and finally into a large network, that is social networking. "

SNS into "personal space" of the times

But almost all of the imported goods entering China, the changes or "innovation" also will bound, SNS is also true after the introduction of the Chinese Internet.

"Construction of the first online community friends, we refer to is the first theory of six degrees. From the process of human interaction, the first need to confirm that the 'people' in existence, but he needs to recognize the needs of others. But In China, the Internet, 'theory' is difficult to become a reality
. "An understanding of the Internet's" elite "from 2000, runs a community-based dating Web site, once soared in popularity, but the" virtual online world, Internet users in pursuit of a reality out of existence, entertainment and privacy more dominant. "

Construction of six degrees of theoretical guidance to the community dating site has endless, but the technical difficulties and business model have limited the development of the site, and finally the Internet winter "baptism" after running out.

"Fortunately, the theory of six degrees of superstition is gradually faded, and now more emphasis on the website, and not empty six degrees of relationship. To strengthen the long-term SNS website user, must be people-oriented, especially young people's social platform This is the Internet's objective circumstances. "FZone president Yin Hailong that the successful model of abroad, can refer to, but more to their own websites and innovative in order to meet the tide of Web2.0.

So, what is the current choice of Internet users? Simple analysis of the situation SNS dating platform, QQ QQ friends still rely on a large user base, match, and mop (2005 骞?Oak Pacific acquired UUMe) located in the dating and love between men and women, 100 million of Friends (YeeYoo) and bumper (PengPeng ) focuses on the integration of Internet and telecom value-added services.

As friends and network a single model of real-name field to slow progress on the Internet, SNS site visits and community friends can not achieve the desired amount of state, finally gave birth to "personal space" appears. South Korea's Cyworld "mini bubble nest" and the domestic FZone the mini tribe in this area is ahead.

As in the past two years, the rise of Japan and South Korea and other Asian countries, most young people love the popular Web services, the second generation of dating site "character space" similar morphological and Blog, but the emphasis is on real network of social, stress the pursuit of entertainment and interaction between people, communication.

Personality space seems to SNS and Blog, Podcast and other personalized software, and through vivid mini circle of friends expanded function rooms and the personal tribal base point, showing a rich network of personal style homes and a relaxed circle of friends. Spatial integration of personality information, diaries, music, albums, messages, friend circle function. Relying on personal space to provide a platform for a comprehensive text, audio, images, etc. related services as possible, most comprehensive show users their own perspective, and web-based virtual environment and real community networking event.

Thus, SNS spawned a new understanding - Social Network Service, the social networking service, a demand for people personalized service Social networking in the Web2.0 era heavy shine.


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Unihub To come from behind

Filed Unihub company, the industry's first reaction is: the securities industry, network services, "boss"! Indeed, Unihub be stopped in the securities industry, feet, taken root, especially in southern China, Unihub Tang, general manager of Air China, Shenzhen branch, said: "Shenzhen brokers have done for us to do." Unihub that have a profound industry influence, "followed by something like that," and to carry out the call center business is a matter of course.

I first met Deng route, he was pleased to exchange business cards to reporters, said: "What do you do call center part of? Nice! I was going to talk about what our call center." Late last year, Unihub Xiao Yuan, Vice President mentioned to do call center business. As the press has used the company's veterans, "the wind, little rain," the rhetoric, it did not regard it as one thing to children. Did not think, just a few months time, Unihub call center business has been budding.

Applications using industry influence to promote

Securities trading companies to achieve business focus, first of all to achieve the data "big focus", which enables network service providers access to a lot of opportunities. However, the service providers in the past for the broker's data center services are mostly hosting, security, VPN and other network infrastructure services, and sources of data for brokerages and data collection, did not take it seriously. In fact, if you do not start from the data source of data focused on the effective management and follow-up data center services can not be achieved, because the data is difficult to produce value-added. Hang Deng said: "The call center services is to help brokers and other enterprises to achieve efficient data acquisition and processing." Obviously, Unihub has extended its data services to the forefront - the data source.

Hang Deng gave an example: A broker who Guangzhou hurriedly went to Shenzhen, you want to build call center, and wish to apply Te Fuhao. But when his colleagues examined the call center after a round of lobbying, but not anxious. Because he felt that the existing call center operations for the brokerage did not improve much effect.

Shows that China's securities firms on the understanding and application of call center is still immature. While many large brokerages built call centers, and to the end of the securities business of call center Zong Da Dao has more than 500 seats; but these call centers have not been real use of them all, only simple business consultation, Ji.

Unihub call center business is divided into three parts: outsourcing, integration and operations management. Unihub will partner to transform a call center, forming a 300-seat call center outsourcing, primarily to the small brokerage firms. Integration services and operations management services primarily for the needs of those who are self-built large customers, particularly in the integration of services, Unihub greater efforts to push forward this year.

Two advantages to build international operations

Unsatisfactory application of our call center, so Unihub desire to be innovative in this field. Hang Deng said: "Unihub to do with the level of international call center operations." Unihub understand international, there are three main criteria: the ability to bring business benefits directly or indirectly, to assess the professional quality of service requirements of internal management compliance. It is understood that the integration of the domestic call center to do business and service providers in general has not yet reached this level, Unihub this was why there were so much confidence?

According to Deng flight analysis, Unihub has two advantages:

First, Unihub owns the distribution network structure. Unihub access to the network services market from the beginning, we built a national network system, from basic services to video conferencing IDC, CDN, call center operation services are based on the multi-node national network. From the second quarter of this year, Unihub network node in the original Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen and other cities on the basis of 4 new Kunshan, Hangzhou, Hefei, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Changsha and Shenyang and seven cities. This structure coincides with a national brokerage business department of the business model more consistent, which is regional integration and service providers are difficult to achieve.

Unihub The second advantage is that the company is joining hands with telecom. PCCW call center operations that the older, experienced, service quality assessment in Hong Kong won the gold medal honors and ranked first in the region. Therefore, under the guidance of PCCW, Unihub directly to its successful management experience to their call center operations.

The increasingly competitive securities industry, business consulting and simple offer brokerage services have been far from satisfied the needs of call centers to provide investment portfolio should have such deep-level business information and new product sales capacity. Therefore, if you want to promote a level of call center services, whether in the network transmission and data management, or in the operating concept and create a culture of respect, have much to do, Unihub those who do come from behind.

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BT brings benefits only to the minority carrier BT is to pay

BT download is mainly provided by the service provider of software to users, users of broadband network operators to download. From the users point of view, only benefits a small number of BT customers, and most of the non-BT users is the greatest victims. The current pattern of domestic telecommunication services are shared, the one with the BT download, share a lot of network resources, resulting in slower speeds, network congestion, affect the LAN network services to other users. In theory, BT download speed only by the computer data processing speed limitations, but will consume as much network bandwidth. For example, you are one of 10 local area network users, and shared 10M Broadband, one of them to use BT, probably will occupy most of the bandwidth, then the other nine individuals will be affected. Network speed will drop to 10k per second to 20k, less than half the normal rate, and sometimes even an ordinary web users are not open, to receive e-mail to 10 minutes. So, to say, for non-BT users, they are impaired interests.

From the operator point of view, is basically "not incremental income." BT takes up a lot of network resources, Internet, and eat the expensive international bandwidth, in early 2004, international exports in China Netcom bandwidth, BT traffic accounted for more than 30%, even more than the WWW traffic. Operator BT to meet the user's bandwidth requirements, we must continue to invest substantial resources to expansion of the network, including equipment and wiring, etc., a substantial increase in network cost, but users are charged a fixed monthly system, no significant increase in revenue, but profits down . Even worse, BT download speed is not capped, it will occupy as much as possible network resources and affect the stability and security of the Internet system and eventually affects the interests of most users.

BT transfer content from the creators point of view, BT also to a certain extent, contributed to the breeding of a variety of pirated products and network transmission, such as audio-visual entertainment and software industry and so on suffer. The BT service providers, through the use of the operator's network, the content of free use of the content producers, at the expense of the interests of the majority, based on received substantial advertising revenues, as the value chain, the only profit groups .

The problem stems from irrational business model

BT is a good Internet-based applications, however, is mixed now, or even to be "blocked", its main business model lies in the unreasonable. From the above analysis we can see, BT broadband users pay a small monthly fee, it occupies a large amount of network resources, enjoy the high level of service; non-BT users paid the same amount of bandwidth costs, not even the normal services can not be protected; service providers to "steal" the content provider's content, use of the operator's network, to provide BT services, access to a lot of advertising revenue; operators to invest several hundred billion dollars into the broadband network, but only in exchange for each about 100 yuan on revenue per user; content providers is total crop failure. It is highly uneven distribution of income, to pay not be rewarded, a serious blow to damage the interests of the value chain participants, that is, operators, content creators and non-BT users. The value chain in any aspect of a problem, will destroy the ecological system, so that the service difficult to sustain.

The current fixed-line operator (ie, broadband operators) face earnings pressure. As market competition intensifies, mobile, VoIP and other new technology instead of the profit decline in fixed telephone, broadband fixed network operators as a new round of earnings growth. However, facing the broadband industry a bright future, broadband operators are always faced with the Passing of the situation. Although the access rate of growth, access prices are falling. Had "started taking" substantial investment when the recovery is still waiting for the "price war" there, and gave operators not heal "wounds" sprinkled a handful of salt. Now, in order to improve their competitiveness operators, under the new rules of the game invincible, operators continue to find more valuable content, the timely availability and variety of value-added services such as video on demand, network games, online education, share information. However, the use of BT for the operators, operators fix is like a strong bearing capacity of the original highway, but the use of BT, it almost takes up all of the Drive. BT take up a lot of resources have not been matched by revenue, has been market-oriented operation for operators, there will be no pay for the BT power and ground.

Can be seen that the interests of creating technology to create the ultimate interests of course, can not bring the benefits of technology, is not long, a technology affect the interests of more people will eventually be abandoned. Now, facing the increasingly hot BT, we need to restrain and guide, not a mandatory administrative means to suppress, did not comply with the law of the whole industry, not conducive to industrial and economic system and perfect sound. Therefore, BT order to get a good development, we must establish a new cooperative business model, the distribution of benefits by a reasonable mechanism for the parties to achieve win-win value chain.

Construction of a reasonable mechanism for the distribution of benefits

Currently, BT's reasonable business model lies in the allocation of benefits is uneven. Distress is the largest operators who use BT to download a large number of users, for those users, operators have to meet their needs and the cost of putting in a lot of resources, but it did not take up resources according to the user how much to charge. For the operators, is like a repair nationwide coverage from South to North, East and West through the highway, the results did not impose any toll, but require users to pay the same fees uniform. The toll station in the main role is to regulate road traffic flow, recovery of investment in highway construction. As the operator is not reasonable to set toll, resulting in excessive flow, network congestion, investment costs are not being paid, but also between users caused unfair distribution of benefits. Therefore, operators to implement pay-by traffic is network traffic control personal economic choices. If we can achieve some small amount of monthly bandwidth users, and implement appropriate price, and a large number of users occupying the resources to join in the monthly traffic accounting based on the lever, so to ensure the most appropriate to the interests of consumers are not abuse, while ensuring the smooth flow of broadband. Operator BT in the treatment of foreign attitudes, is not adopted the practice of blocking BT ports, but some of the device loaded with software to control the corresponding port, limiting broadband traffic, that is, plus monthly traffic cap approach. In this model, carriers flow through the strengthening of their monitoring and differential pricing, to ensure their own interests.

Another mode is through with the service provider (BT software provider) in the interests of sharing, to achieve reasonable network operators return on investment. BT's revenue model currently there are mainly two: First, "eDonkey mode" (eMule is one of the most famous P2P software). It does this by charging user fees for software access to income, Kuro is this pattern. Second, by the network ad revenue, such as POCO. In fact, virtually no country in the BT service, "eDonkey mode", most of them are maintained by online advertising, online advertising revenue, but often difficult to support the survival and development service provider. Even the flow of great POCO, the advertising embedded into the software barely break even. Moreover, the service provider network providers also faced censorship, content providers endless litigation. Shows that service providers in order to develop, but also change the current business model. Existing models are essentially service providers to operators, content providers in the interests of all the ones who enjoy a BT user. The new business model must be part of the interest from consumers to value chain partners. Therefore, service providers must depend on the content of charge to large profits. By BT charges users to download content, the profit and operators, content providers are divided into, so the value chain, the cost of all compensation and receive the corresponding profits, and thus more motivated and able to provide better services, the formation of good ecological cycle. Meanwhile, as the content, user fees will also be prudent use of network resources, you really need to download the content and applications, network capacity problems will be resolved.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

15 Prediction of China 3G

To hear the meeting, and I scrambled under the fun, do a few small prediction:

1,2010 formation of China's mobile communication market, the real effective competition structure

Telecom, Netcom does not need any 3G licenses, the license requires that the mobile communications, mobile communications market is not fixed to seize the disputed fact, they both want is access to mobile communications, but how restructuring, China Mobile communications service provider market providers are expected to reach 3 or more, to create a good mobile communications market competition.

2, moving in three years, or boss, Shui Yebie wanted to rob the place

Moving ahead, Unicom to blame is obvious. While the competitive landscape will change, but moving the boss's position in 3 years do not want to go shake everyone, as long as you touch few more big operators who do a comparison you will know.

3, td is a pit, but this hole will be filled

It looks td will move to play, and this so-called "National Industry", "intellectual property" concept is a big incentive. td really is a pit, you look to blame the Tang you understand, but this hole will be filled, that is, more slowly, the state is really made up his mind, and you should not doubt, and out of Datang, we td the pit, there is movement, ZTE and Huawei to fill these Clear the Air's.

4,3 G really does not profit in 5 years

Out in the combined statements of financial practices like. Why? Mobile communications competing health factors - the signal coverage to buy 3g operators get the last 2 years, not to mention the difficulty of competition for quality customers, especially in the high prevalence of large and medium cities. You look at the development process of China Unicom CDMA will be more clear.

5, mobile video, mobile positioning, mobile payments business, though sometimes people 3g attention, but in 3,4 years are insufficient to support the 3G, that is the proportion of total income does not exceed 20%

6,2 years, mobile voice disguised price is lower than fixed, three years after a long-distance and local telephone prices, roaming not money

7, dual-mode handsets popular, but more than 99% are carriers sent

8,2010 own-brand handsets in China to win turnaround, the market share of 70%

9,2011 mobile professional in the traditional chain of distribution channels, all dead, with its extensive carrier channel coverage, access to the area of distribution, selling mobile phones, game cards, QQ dolls, and even computers, television, etc.

10, mobile operators out of the general low-level sp, sp reduced number of mobile operators, content providers, technology service providers

11, by the Ministry of Information Industry and Ministry of Science and pressure, mobile operators, opening in 2010, mobile Internet access, mobile Internet operators in China booming, the scale of 2015, revenue beyond the traditional Internet, the traditional Internet became Mobile Internet migrant workers

12,2011 in wimax official business, cut into the mobile communications field, a lot of memories of his SB in 3G had all the reasons against the

13,2012 in private enterprise off the virtual operators coat, formally announced in a few medium-sized cities to enter the field of mobile communications, while waiting eagerly for the foreign-funded enterprises, can not find the feeling of always being the acquisition of private mobile operators brewing

14,2010 to go abroad on official td into the friendly area of China in Africa

15,2012, the whiskers of Tan Chenhui board the Shanghai Stock Exchange, declared the Chinese concept of wireless intelligent aggregation portal officially listed first unit

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fu Chong: the general trend of those who know great things

An old saying: "Yi-who seek good situation." Generally successful world gather that those familiar with the road to seek potential. Winner is always the minority, because the situation is not easy to seek. Seek first to know the situation the situation can see clearly and judge accurately, but also in the right direction.

Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. the former CIO Fu Chong great emphasis on the "Power" of importance. I very much admired his modern management guru Peter Drucker (Peter F. Drucker) a point of view, "doing the right thing rather than do it right (Do right things or do things right)". Fu Chong also believed that only grasp the general trend can be successful.

Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. the former CIO Fu Chong

Out of IT is key

Chong paid a former biochemistry, was the industry's position is well known Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. CIO. Erie's paid leave Chong, now with a partner set up Beijing Branch Bank Financial Investment Limited. As the CIO and Development Centre on the "CIO transformation" of the topic, we find him. But he said his job now is not the transformation, but regression. Because, his favorite, not their professional - biochemistry, would not let his fame career "CIO", but a financial investment.

From October 2000, the Fu Chong was officially appointed as the Yili Group CIO. This self-proclaimed "Even computers are not" people, but the group CIO positions for nearly five years. The end of 2003, was also the year when a domestic media as the "Top Ten Outstanding CIO". IT technology will be a lot of people off who do CIO, but disagree with, but Fu Chong said, "most of China's CIO impossible to escape the feeling of IT, these people are not real CIO, IT director only. Even the head of the class president, is head of IT. "

Fu Chong that, "CIO this post, is the tube thing tomorrow." Is from this understanding, CIO of this fact, and his role since he first entered the Erie strategic planning group in contact a lot of similarities. Because Fu Chong early work experience, enabling him to proceed from the perspective of group strategy for information technology planning, they can stand the perspective of business IT. So, pay very confident Chong said: "Ely over information work, I have not had any problems in decision-making."

Many of China to the enterprise CIO to do the project in the time left over by this company, because of their professional background, it is easy to use enterprise IT point of view of information technology. Therefore, they succeed in doing for a long time CIO's seat, we will certainly jump out. Fu Chong said: "CIO to get out of IT to see IT. There is a saying to lead to far ahead. In fact be reversed, stand farther away to see high. You have to stand outside, to see more Where is the place. "

A transition for a CIO, the Fu Chong believes that technology-oriented CIO is very difficult transition, even if the difficult transition, but also not break the circle of IT. "Because of a very serious career path dependence. And I was able to easily forget the role of the CIO, because the CIO did not my career orientation."

For the transformation of the subject, Fu Chong believes that each person's way is not the same, according to the wishes and characteristics of individual decisions. He said: "such as CIO to do this job, it is difficult to do for a long time. Because the Chinese company's CIO, this position is often defined as a family on a technology. While the speed of technological development and progress is very fast. Simply compare the technical ability to carry out then, a four-year-old man how to contend with young people, the value of your expression? to 40 age technology to do but do young people do not understand business. the final decision up his own business does not know that business more difficult. "

Find a business trend

CIO for those who want to do this post for those who long to the management approach to business, is their only way out. Fu Lee said: "You have to know what business trends, business trends based information development plan formulated to meet the enterprise business needs. Otherwise, the information must have done well."

For example, he said, everyone is a little different rules, two people often fall apart after the wedding that they violated a basic rule, want to integrate the two laws. Two people were brought up in two families, such a simple integration is impossible. Only one way is to cover, find the law to cover more the two of them little laws. Law is like a small bottle of water, different water molecules to different direction. And this bottle is the big rule, as long as you take the bottle away, inside the water will be able to follow.

Find the general trend of the industry

Some of those who want their restructuring transition plan to open a new path, the so-called Blue Ocean. In fact, this and bring extra profits to pursue innovation rate is the same reason. With the spread of innovation in the industry, the resulting excess profits will disappear. All the Blue Ocean eventually will become the Red Sea, but the length of the problem. In this, Fu Chong pointed out the key to victory is issued after the first system to be able to anticipate the Blue Ocean will be here, first enter.

Fu Chong has been studying hard the past two years, "emperor after." From the "emperor after" not seen the medical, but the nature of internal relations. Fu Chong said: "I think the business is the same trend requires the ability to see clearly. On the general trend to have pre-judgment ability, and this ability is not innate to judge is the need to accumulate a lot of knowledge and experience to do after the judge. "he said, the ancient" Five Classics "in writing, nothing less than the word" law. " As long as the law can find a large, late-first system will always, always waiting for the opportunity in front of the arrival. Fu Lee said: "For the law of the master, if not 100% can do it. But as long as can be 90 percent, will be successful."

Fu Chong admitted that "Canon of Medicine" This book changed his life at age 40 is very large. "I did not deliberately change what, change is only my logic." He said, "I do one thing each would like the matter what the next step. Think back several steps, or even years."

Interest in the successful transformation is

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task. First of all, is facing the changing role. Previously working for others, no matter how the performance of the company, monthly paychecks. Companies do not pay wages, big deal for other companies, still working to make money. But not the same after the start, have been a boss, monthly wages and the cost of venue rental fees are. Fu Chong's company now has more than 80 employees, only rented in Beijing several offices, and these costs are only part of an annual fixed expenses. Would like to start the CIO, must think about whether they can withstand such pressure.

For all those who want to transition, the first important is to turn safe areas. Fu Lee said: "No one must first look at his transformation where to turn, many people in the transition to go to the fire pit." To transform successfully, the secret is simple interest. Successful transition of people who are interested in doing their own thing. Fu Chong said: "I now do, in fact I am even more enthusiastic about the reunification of the things. In the Erie, I would like to do investment." He believes that interest is the key to success, if not interested, you may be able to do one , two business. But over time, it is definitely impossible.

"Looking north" is not a joke

"Own decisions" should be a common motive of entrepreneurs. Fu Lee said: "In the past, said the leadership of the east, I have to go east; leadership that Western, I have to go west. Now can I go to east go east. May fail, it does not matter, I can do something by my own thoughts. People say 40 is not apprenticeship, my four-year-old business, and a difficult time, especially difficult, this is ups and downs that only you know. but as long as the slightly small success will feel very happy. that kind of fun is far from original, to be a what the project, the boss happy, praise you and send you a point bonus. sometimes to do business, difficulty and pressure are particularly great, but I am particularly happy. because I know who I do not need to consult again, who again reported to. "

Erie has five years left to pay the Chong at this time just experienced Sishibuhuo of confusion. Now Fu Chong, easy to live in particular, on the word "simple", business is also simple. Fu Chong pursue Going to work, "this is you is you, not your is not you."

Fu Chong has done so much job, so many trades, in fact, no one is going to school when he learned. For the future of professional ideal, the choice to pay Chong actually is "back to a university teacher." Although they are a teacher, but this was his first after graduating from university teaching profession is different. He said: "I particularly want to accumulate over the years to communicate with colleagues, which will help them a lot. When I stood outside watching the time, feel that their wrong direction. Do the right thing than doing the right things forever are important, the direction is not correct, means no line again superb. so if there is such a chance, I want to do is to bring my years of experience to share with you. "

Years, Fu Chong has been busy, "busy looking for the North." Seemingly simple sentence, in fact, many people do not know their life, "North" where it is. Fu Lee said: "Now that he's 'North' about where, and where there may be no clear, there may be some way do not know how to design, but I will work hard towards this direction."

In between the ideal and the reality is always to seek a balance, a different time has different balance. Fu Chong said: "I think, no matter what, make them smile the most important, as now. Because I do basically the idea as I go forward, which makes me great satisfaction. My people do not desire for power, but the desire for achievement particularly large, so bring the joy of achievement give me far more than money and power. "

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