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Fu Chong: the general trend of those who know great things

An old saying: "Yi-who seek good situation." Generally successful world gather that those familiar with the road to seek potential. Winner is always the minority, because the situation is not easy to seek. Seek first to know the situation the situation can see clearly and judge accurately, but also in the right direction.

Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. the former CIO Fu Chong great emphasis on the "Power" of importance. I very much admired his modern management guru Peter Drucker (Peter F. Drucker) a point of view, "doing the right thing rather than do it right (Do right things or do things right)". Fu Chong also believed that only grasp the general trend can be successful.

Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. the former CIO Fu Chong

Out of IT is key

Chong paid a former biochemistry, was the industry's position is well known Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. CIO. Erie's paid leave Chong, now with a partner set up Beijing Branch Bank Financial Investment Limited. As the CIO and Development Centre on the "CIO transformation" of the topic, we find him. But he said his job now is not the transformation, but regression. Because, his favorite, not their professional - biochemistry, would not let his fame career "CIO", but a financial investment.

From October 2000, the Fu Chong was officially appointed as the Yili Group CIO. This self-proclaimed "Even computers are not" people, but the group CIO positions for nearly five years. The end of 2003, was also the year when a domestic media as the "Top Ten Outstanding CIO". IT technology will be a lot of people off who do CIO, but disagree with, but Fu Chong said, "most of China's CIO impossible to escape the feeling of IT, these people are not real CIO, IT director only. Even the head of the class president, is head of IT. "

Fu Chong that, "CIO this post, is the tube thing tomorrow." Is from this understanding, CIO of this fact, and his role since he first entered the Erie strategic planning group in contact a lot of similarities. Because Fu Chong early work experience, enabling him to proceed from the perspective of group strategy for information technology planning, they can stand the perspective of business IT. So, pay very confident Chong said: "Ely over information work, I have not had any problems in decision-making."

Many of China to the enterprise CIO to do the project in the time left over by this company, because of their professional background, it is easy to use enterprise IT point of view of information technology. Therefore, they succeed in doing for a long time CIO's seat, we will certainly jump out. Fu Chong said: "CIO to get out of IT to see IT. There is a saying to lead to far ahead. In fact be reversed, stand farther away to see high. You have to stand outside, to see more Where is the place. "

A transition for a CIO, the Fu Chong believes that technology-oriented CIO is very difficult transition, even if the difficult transition, but also not break the circle of IT. "Because of a very serious career path dependence. And I was able to easily forget the role of the CIO, because the CIO did not my career orientation."

For the transformation of the subject, Fu Chong believes that each person's way is not the same, according to the wishes and characteristics of individual decisions. He said: "such as CIO to do this job, it is difficult to do for a long time. Because the Chinese company's CIO, this position is often defined as a family on a technology. While the speed of technological development and progress is very fast. Simply compare the technical ability to carry out then, a four-year-old man how to contend with young people, the value of your expression? to 40 age technology to do but do young people do not understand business. the final decision up his own business does not know that business more difficult. "

Find a business trend

CIO for those who want to do this post for those who long to the management approach to business, is their only way out. Fu Lee said: "You have to know what business trends, business trends based information development plan formulated to meet the enterprise business needs. Otherwise, the information must have done well."

For example, he said, everyone is a little different rules, two people often fall apart after the wedding that they violated a basic rule, want to integrate the two laws. Two people were brought up in two families, such a simple integration is impossible. Only one way is to cover, find the law to cover more the two of them little laws. Law is like a small bottle of water, different water molecules to different direction. And this bottle is the big rule, as long as you take the bottle away, inside the water will be able to follow.

Find the general trend of the industry

Some of those who want their restructuring transition plan to open a new path, the so-called Blue Ocean. In fact, this and bring extra profits to pursue innovation rate is the same reason. With the spread of innovation in the industry, the resulting excess profits will disappear. All the Blue Ocean eventually will become the Red Sea, but the length of the problem. In this, Fu Chong pointed out the key to victory is issued after the first system to be able to anticipate the Blue Ocean will be here, first enter.

Fu Chong has been studying hard the past two years, "emperor after." From the "emperor after" not seen the medical, but the nature of internal relations. Fu Chong said: "I think the business is the same trend requires the ability to see clearly. On the general trend to have pre-judgment ability, and this ability is not innate to judge is the need to accumulate a lot of knowledge and experience to do after the judge. "he said, the ancient" Five Classics "in writing, nothing less than the word" law. " As long as the law can find a large, late-first system will always, always waiting for the opportunity in front of the arrival. Fu Lee said: "For the law of the master, if not 100% can do it. But as long as can be 90 percent, will be successful."

Fu Chong admitted that "Canon of Medicine" This book changed his life at age 40 is very large. "I did not deliberately change what, change is only my logic." He said, "I do one thing each would like the matter what the next step. Think back several steps, or even years."

Interest in the successful transformation is

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task. First of all, is facing the changing role. Previously working for others, no matter how the performance of the company, monthly paychecks. Companies do not pay wages, big deal for other companies, still working to make money. But not the same after the start, have been a boss, monthly wages and the cost of venue rental fees are. Fu Chong's company now has more than 80 employees, only rented in Beijing several offices, and these costs are only part of an annual fixed expenses. Would like to start the CIO, must think about whether they can withstand such pressure.

For all those who want to transition, the first important is to turn safe areas. Fu Lee said: "No one must first look at his transformation where to turn, many people in the transition to go to the fire pit." To transform successfully, the secret is simple interest. Successful transition of people who are interested in doing their own thing. Fu Chong said: "I now do, in fact I am even more enthusiastic about the reunification of the things. In the Erie, I would like to do investment." He believes that interest is the key to success, if not interested, you may be able to do one , two business. But over time, it is definitely impossible.

"Looking north" is not a joke

"Own decisions" should be a common motive of entrepreneurs. Fu Lee said: "In the past, said the leadership of the east, I have to go east; leadership that Western, I have to go west. Now can I go to east go east. May fail, it does not matter, I can do something by my own thoughts. People say 40 is not apprenticeship, my four-year-old business, and a difficult time, especially difficult, this is ups and downs that only you know. but as long as the slightly small success will feel very happy. that kind of fun is far from original, to be a what the project, the boss happy, praise you and send you a point bonus. sometimes to do business, difficulty and pressure are particularly great, but I am particularly happy. because I know who I do not need to consult again, who again reported to. "

Erie has five years left to pay the Chong at this time just experienced Sishibuhuo of confusion. Now Fu Chong, easy to live in particular, on the word "simple", business is also simple. Fu Chong pursue Going to work, "this is you is you, not your is not you."

Fu Chong has done so much job, so many trades, in fact, no one is going to school when he learned. For the future of professional ideal, the choice to pay Chong actually is "back to a university teacher." Although they are a teacher, but this was his first after graduating from university teaching profession is different. He said: "I particularly want to accumulate over the years to communicate with colleagues, which will help them a lot. When I stood outside watching the time, feel that their wrong direction. Do the right thing than doing the right things forever are important, the direction is not correct, means no line again superb. so if there is such a chance, I want to do is to bring my years of experience to share with you. "

Years, Fu Chong has been busy, "busy looking for the North." Seemingly simple sentence, in fact, many people do not know their life, "North" where it is. Fu Lee said: "Now that he's 'North' about where, and where there may be no clear, there may be some way do not know how to design, but I will work hard towards this direction."

In between the ideal and the reality is always to seek a balance, a different time has different balance. Fu Chong said: "I think, no matter what, make them smile the most important, as now. Because I do basically the idea as I go forward, which makes me great satisfaction. My people do not desire for power, but the desire for achievement particularly large, so bring the joy of achievement give me far more than money and power. "

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